Tougher Penalties for Driving Offences Leading to Death or Serious Injury

Yesterday, new laws were passed in the Queensland Parliament that have amended the penalties for driving offences that result in death or serious injury.

What are the major changes? • The changes will introduce two new offences for careless driving offences that result in death or grievous bodily harm including a separate offence for instances where the driver is unlicensed • The penalties for these new offences are significantly higher than the penalties for the existing careless driving offence. This is intended to reflect community expectations of significant penalties where careless driving leads to death or grievous bodily harm. • The penalties for dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harm have also been increased – A breakdown of existing and new penalties is attached • The changes will also consolidate the duties of drivers following a crash, including clarifying that drivers involved in a crash where there is a fatality must remain at the scene.

Why are we doing this? • While no penalty regime can compensate for the loss of a family member or friend, the penalty regime is designed to increase awareness of the importance of safe driving behaviour

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