Graduate nurses and midwives head for the wards

Health services across the Cairns and Hinterland region will welcome 102 new nursing and midwifery graduates, as most kick start their careers in the coming weeks.

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services and Member for Barron River Craig Crawford congratulated the new graduates on their placements, with more than 1,350 joining the Queensland Health family across the state this year.

“It’s so great to see more than a hundred new nurses and midwives starting their placements, congratulations to them and I wish them the best of luck in starting their careers,” he said.

“Their careers will be so rewarding and they’ll be on the front line across Cairns and the Hinterland to help people get better.”

Member for Cairns Michael Healy also welcomed the new graduates as they started their placements.

“It’s great to see so many nursing and midwifery graduates getting placements in Cairns,” he said.

“This is a great opportunity for them to learn from Hospital staff and to provide world class health care to people in Cairns.”

“Good luck to them and I’m looking forward to meeting them.”

Dr Jenny Sando, Nursing Director of Education and Research within the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service is looking forward to welcoming the graduates at the end of January, with the second cohort commencing in May 2019.

“This is the second year we have run the structured graduate recruitment program, the main aim of which is to employ the best possible workforce for our Health Service,” she said.

“The graduates have progressed through a complex recruitment and selection process and will now be employed across all our facilities including our rural hospitals.”

Porscha Broer, graduate nurse, says that starting work at the Cairns Hospital is a dream come true.

“I spent a lot of time here in the last few years visiting sick family, plus working as an admin in the health industry made me realise I really wanted to be a nurse,” said Porscha.

“I want to give back and make people feel good. All my student placements were here at Cairns Hospital and they were very positive experiences; I’m excited to start my orientation and time on the orthopaedic ward.”

“Porscha was one of our stand-out student nurses and received the certificate of achievement for compassion in her second year,” said Jenny.

“We welcome Porscha and her cohort and look forward to encouraging and supporting them in their graduate year.”


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