Healy and Lui call on locals to support seniors during crisis

A Care Army of professionals and volunteers will rally around older Queenslanders during the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure the wellbeing of our most vulnerable.

Member for Cairns Michael Healy said a new telephone hotline is being launched as the Care Army mobilises to protect up to one million seniors.

“We know the risk of serious illness from COVID-19 increases with age and the best advice is to isolate at home,” Mr Healy said.

“But isolation doesn’t need to mean loneliness and our community spirit always shines through in times of crisis.

“Whether that’s helping with things like groceries or medicine drops, or even a simple phone call – anything can make a huge difference.”

The Government is today expanding the Community Recovery Hotline - a free call on 1800 173 349 - to link seniors and other vulnerable Queenslanders to essential services and support.

Member for Cook Cynthia Lui said it was now up to every single Queenslander to show they care.

“Whether it’s your mother, your grandfather, your next-door neighbour or a friend – we all know a senior in our community who will need us so they can stay safe from infection,” Ms Lui said.

“The best place for seniors to be right now is in their own home, not out and about doing errands that someone else can do for them.

“If you don’t have family or friends in this age group who you can help, we still need you to step up and help those people who will be looking for it.”

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