LNP moves to end commercial fishing in Far North Queensland

Queensland’s LNP Opposition has moved a motion in Parliament that would effectively ban commercial fishing in the state.

An Opposition motion to disallow the state’s Fisheries regulations is expected to be debated in Parliament on Tuesday.

The effect of the motion, if passed, would be to invalidate the licenses of every commercial and charter fishing operator in Queensland.

Member for Cairns Michael Healy said Cairns region fishing jobs would be devastated if the Opposition’s reckless motion came in to effect.

“The Opposition’s position on Fisheries would destroy the fishing industry in Queensland,” Mr Healy said.

“The regulations that the LNP would disallow are the very ones that allow licences to be issued to commercial fishers.

“If these were disallowed, every commercial and charter fisher in Far North Queensland would lose their legal authority to catch, process or sell fish.”

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said the impact would go beyond those who caught the seafood.

“Think of our restaurants, fish & chip shops, our transport workers and the exporters who would suddenly have no supplies of Queensland seafood,” Mr Furner said.

“Every bit if seafood consumed in Queensland would have to be imported from interstate or overseas, and there is no doubt jobs would be lost as a result.”

Mr Furner said more than 1300 commercial fishers and 350 charter business operators would be unable to earn a living and there would be knock-on effects for our $27b tourism industry as well.

“Our work to ensure a sustainable fishery has actually worked to create charter fishing jobs, as well as protecting commercial fishing jobs by making sure there are fish to catch,” Mr Furner said.

“The Opposition, by comparison, offers only this Parliamentary vandalism that would destroy jobs and businesses across the state.

“The LNP doesn’t even have a Fisheries policy, other than to oppose every effort made to ensure the sustainability of the industry.”


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