Making it easier to do business in Queensland

Doing business in Queensland is about to get better, with the Palaszczuk Government committing to faster payment terms and measures to support smaller businesses gain better access to government procurement.

Minister for Employment and Small Business Shannon Fentiman said “Queensland is home to more than 438,000 small businesses and we want to help them to grow and succeed,”

“Last year we released the Small Business Procurement Discussion paper because we wanted to hear from business owners on how we can improve the process of working with government.

“That’s why I am pleased that the Palaszczuk Government has put forward 12 actions to build capability of our small businesses and ensure that they can do businesses easier.

“As of 1 July 2020, the Palaszczuk Government will reduce invoice payment times from 30 days to 20 days for small businesses and we will work on measuring our engagement so we can set a target for government procurement to support smaller businesses.”

“Over the next 12 months we will work to improve the capture, sharing and reporting of Queensland Government procurement data, so we can set a baseline for our future target.”

“With small businesses making up over 97 per cent of all Queensland businesses, it is vital we build on our reforms put in place under the Buy Queensland approach and other actions including targeted training for Government procurement officers will open up more opportunities for small business.

“We will deliver these commitments over the next 12 months to drive opportunities for small business to benefit from our Buy Queensland policy.”

The Procurement Action statement can be found at:

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