More jobs for Queenslanders in Far North Queensland

Labour Force figures released in November have delivered great results for the Far North Queensland region.

Member for Cairns Michael Healy said Cairns saw a 1.6% drop in unemployment in the past year.

“We’ve also seen a drop of 3.1% since January 2015, when the LNP were in power,” Mr Healy said.

“Additionally, Cairns’ employment growth rate over the last 12 months has reached 12.5%, higher than the state average (1.7%).

“Today’s data has delivered a positive result for Cairns.

“This means more local businesses are growing and being able to create more local jobs.

“The Palaszczuk Government will continue to back local businesses to have the confidence to be able to employ more Queenslanders.”

Minister for Employment and Small Business Shannon Fentiman said the Palaszczuk Government’s job generating programs were having an impact on jobs in our regions.

“Our Back to Work program has backed 1770 local businesses in the Far North to employ over 3900 people with more than 60 per cent of those being young people under 25.

“Our Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative has assisted 2,593 people to gain job readying skills and training, and it’s fantastic to see over 1600 participants went on to get a job or further training.

“The LNP continues to scaremonger Queenslanders with misinformation about unemployment and talk down the success of our local businesses.

“What today shows is that the rate has dropped to 11.5% compared to 21.5% when the LNP were in power. It’s also decreased by 3.4% over the past year to 13.3%.

“And our free tafe and free apprenticeships initiatives will continue to drive our local skilled workforces that we need for the jobs now and into the future.”


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