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Unite and Recover for Queensland jobs – next phase of economic recovery announced


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk today announced the next phase in the Government’s economic recovery plan to back Queensland jobs, businesses and industries.

“Our nation leading health response means we are now well positioned for recovery,” the Premier said today.

“In the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s imperative that we prepare Queensland for the difficult road ahead and plot a definitive, responsible and comprehensive plan for our economic recovery.

“We have a plan to restore jobs.

“We have a plan to create and build more industry to future proof our great state.

“That plan is already creating and restoring Queenslander’s jobs.

“It is already kick-starting Queensland by bringing forward greater and significant investment in infrastructure and my government is joining with Queenslanders to unite and to recover and finish the job of economic rescue together.

“Today’s new package of measures shows that our focus continues to be Queensland jobs and a plan for our economy.

“Every job matters and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our workers, businesses and industries on the road ahead.

“To combat the pandemic, we have committed more than $6 billion in support packages, and, last month, the release of our Economic Recovery Strategy set out a plan to kick start the economy and get Queenslanders back to work.

“Now, in this second phase of the Strategy, we’re announcing further measures for small business, for tradies, for farmers, for first home buyers, for seniors, for cabbies, for the tourism industry, and for artists and musicians.”


The Palaszczuk Government will invest $5.5M to use new technologies to improve biosecurity and food safety to help build our reputation as a trusted, quality supplier to global markets.

The government will encourage new trade relationships, by investing $5M to sponsor e-commerce platforms for Queensland products in overseas markets, creating new and improved channels to market for our producers.

The package also includes $2M for diversification assistance – to build capability in agricultural businesses to explore potential tourism opportunities and promotional activities.


Air travel is a key component to enabling our tourism industry and the significant economic benefits it brings and the government will commit $15M to airline route support.

This package will support and encourage the domestic tourism spend across Queensland and bring back airline capacity faster than it would have returned otherwise.

National parks are critical to tourism and the government will commit $8.93M under a works and jobs boost to provide visitor infrastructure upgrades and enhancements to re-energise nature-based tourism.


The building industry is vital to Queensland and we need to stimulate demand for tradies across the state over the next six months.

The Government is re-affirming its commitment to the $15,000 first home-owner grants program for any Queensland first home buyers purchasing a new home valued at less than $750,000.

And further, the government will provide an additional $5,000 grant for people building a new home in a regional location, helping to encourage people to move to regional Queensland.

Additionally, the government has committed to a further $100M Housing Construction Works for Tradies program – with new social housing to be built across Queensland.

Councils in South-East Queensland will receive an additional $50M for a Unite and Recover Community Stimulus Program to support minor works and projects that create local jobs in our most impacted areas.

Many seniors and people with a disability have used the Home Assist program which provides support for tradies and handymen to come to their house and do small jobs.

A Seniors Accessibility and Renovation Assistance boost to Home Assist will be provided to around 2,000 seniors and people will a disability who will receive additional subsidies of up to $5,000 to help them stay safely in their own homes, such as security upgrades, repairs and maintenance.

This will provide a $10 million boost with more work for local tradies and handymen.

Resources and Energy

Our mining industry is looking for new minerals like vanadium which are in demand for technology like battery storage – and Queensland has huge potential to open up new reserves in our regions.

The Palaszczuk Government will commit $10M to promote exploration activity for new economy minerals for emerging technologies under the Collaborative Exploration Initiative.

Our mining equipment, technology and services sector is a major opportunity to sell our smarts globally. The government will invest $650,000 to develop small businesses in this sector across the state, including Gladstone and Rockhampton.

Renewable energy is a growing sector and an opportunity to create new jobs. The government will invest $17M in a state-of-the-art Renewable Energy Training Facility in Brisbane to provide world class training for solar and renewable energy.

Arts and culture

The arts and culture sector has been significantly impacted by the pandemic with performances unable to occur and spaces closed.

The Palaszczuk Government’s $22.5 million package will help support the recovery of the arts and culture sector. This includes $11.3 million to offset revenue losses in our music and performing arts venues.

Small business

The government’s first round of small business grants were snapped up within days. The government will now allocate an additional $100 million for these grants to help sustain small businesses so they can respond quickly post COVID-19.

Treasurer Cameron Dick said while small business, tourism, hospitality and retail sectors had been among the hardest hit, mining and agriculture industries had continued to deliver dividends for Queensland.

“In our diversified economy, these regionally based industries are among the foundations of our economy and support a huge number of Queensland jobs. They have been critical in building the Queensland of today,” the Treasurer said.

“Queensland’s Economic Recovery Strategy is focussed on measures which will ensure the resource and agriculture industries can continue to power on and take advantage of new opportunities, while also providing more support to the tourism, construction and small business sectors which we know face a long and difficult recovery.

“The next steps in our economic recovery strategy will save and create jobs and help to rebuild a stronger and more resilient Queensland economy.”

For more information visit www.covid19.qld.gov.au

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